The Farm That Grows Humans

a permaculture based community experiment and training ground
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Join us for a farm-to-table organically grown vegetarian feast. It is a chance to meet us and see what we are all about. $20 per person. Monday to Friday at 12:30. Pre-registration required

Personal Education

or Life at Aloha is an enriching community homestead farm experience and a discovery into how humans come into contact with nature, themselves and others.  Here you will develop personal skills in a communitarian setting and prepare yourself for your own community, farm or life while connecting to yourself.

Our Story

Aloha Aina Farm is an intentional community on Salt Spring Island where life merges with an experiement of living in harmony and peace. We are learning and remembering that there is another way to live. 

,Our Mission & Vision

This is a Peace Revolution 

We live in a culture that is more disconnected than ever before. Here we aim to co-create and share a safe, loving, and empowering regenerative farming community – a place where we can live in full cooperation and unreserved trust. We teach, create, and learn together the basic building blocks of life on this planet: Food, water, earth, and community.

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Welcome to our Classroom

Now recruiting for the class of 2021

Connection . Regeneration . Community .

We are learning a new way, which is in many ways a remembering, of connection with the land and each-other. Sustainability is no longer enough, we must create regenerative systems. Come learn what we are doing and remember that there is another path.

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Small-Scale Organic Agricultural  


Water is the essence of life. The scientific studies on water are profound. At Aloha, we recognize the importance of this precious resource, and our system design allows us to use less than on tenth  (1/10th) of the average Canadian. We live and farm in a watershed zone and ensure that the precious water resource is protected for our island community.


Soil is also a vital and necessary building block and for our food system, and current estimates suggest that there is less than 100 years of top soil left on our planet at current rates of depletion and degradation by the industrial farming complex. At Aloha, a large part of our farming involves tending, caring for, and regenerating the soil. 

Carbon Footprint

Community design and practices also insure that our carbon footprint is a fraction of the average Canadian. Whether its electrical and other non-renewable energy, garbage, or vehicle use, there is significant reduction from traditional domestic use within our community. 


Connection to Something Deeper

Community Practice

The strength of a community is in part determined by what it is that is shared between those in it. At Aloha, not only do we share a vision of living in harmony with nature and we share spaces and practices daily including meals, meditation, gardening and Forum. We are all learning personal and life skills in this ‘classroom’ daily.


We grow our food, we cook it, preserve it, share it together, and then we clean it and go back to growing it again. This cycle is a foundation to our learning and connection. We eat all our fruits and vegetables from the farm year-round.

Personal Autonomy

Finding, harassing and maintaining our own personal power is not easy in this world. At Aloha we hold a open and accepting space for individials to learn and grow into a stronger and more harmonious version of themself.

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Tales from the Inside

Meditation, Acceptance and Creativity #LifeatAloha

Meditation, Acceptance and Creativity #LifeatAloha

I was surrounded by acceptance and open mindedness and knew right on the first day that I could totally be myself here. I ended up coming back to Aloha after a few months of travelling, and I’m now part of the community

A Home for the Soul #lifeataloha

A Home for the Soul #lifeataloha

It’s been over a month since I left Aloha and I can still way too often hear in my head the sound of the voices coming together at lunchtime.  Standing in a circle holding hands, we would share our gratefulness for the food and then do a wave and harmonize a...

Short But Yet So Sweet

Short But Yet So Sweet

A short week could never be enough, though it had to be. An opportunity appeared and as a 2/4: Hermit/Opportunist in Human Design…! I’m so glad I did. To have got to be a visitor to a place… to a healing biome… where regenerative culture has...

A Unexpected Encounter #lifeataloha

A Unexpected Encounter #lifeataloha

Arriving at Aloha wasn’t part of the original plan. I only came to Salt Spring Island for a short visit and missed the ferry back to Swartz Bay. It was a cold and rainy night sometime after New Years and anxiety about where I might stay set in. My phone call to Aloha...