I first arrived on Aloha Farm in the spring of 2016. Which until very recently made me one of the longest staying residents. 

During my time on the farm, I’ve witnessed vast changes in the way the community functions. With each season, each new face and with each goodbye, the space transforms to something new. 

Learning from our experiences as we go, we’ve been able to refine the process of opening our hearts to ourselves, to others and to the nature around us. To do so, we have had to build a strong foundation of trust. Which hasn’t always been easy. At times, Its required radical honesty and reflection in all directions. By looking deep into our souls to find who we really are. This work I found to be only possible with the weekly sharing circle we call “forum”. 
The exposure of what is real and alive for us to the community.
Every time I stepped in, with my heart beating, seemed like a jump off of a cliff.  But I found I always landed in the full embrace by everyone around me.
I taught myself that whoever I am, wherever I came from, it’s ok. You are accepted, you are loved and you are home.
It’s not all soul searching hard work. Most times our souls are shining. Embracing the laughter and joy with those all around becomes second nature. We eat together, we work together and we play together.  
This coming spring marks my fourth at Aloha. It also marks my departure. I feel I don’t have the words to describe what this community has meant to me. 
The gratitude and love I feel in my heart for the land and the people I now call my family is something I feel in my core. 
Whatever my next steps bring, I know I will always carry my home, Aloha, close to my heart.