Arriving at Aloha wasn’t part of the original plan. I only came to Salt Spring Island for a short visit and missed the ferry back to Swartz Bay. It was a cold and rainy night sometime after New Years and anxiety about where I might stay set in. My phone call to Aloha was not answered, but to my surprise they called me back and the cashier at Rock Salt Restaurant handed me the phone. A kind voice was happy to have me come by and provide a warm bed.
When I arrived I was slightly confused, what an odd place, I couldn’t understand it at all. Was this a community? A Commune? an Ashram? Or just a bunch of pretentious twenty-somethings trying to look cool on Instagram? The cynicism died away a couple days later when I sat in the community sharing circle called Forum and witnessed a man break down emotionally and allow himself the right to be seen by his community, the community offered nothing but loving support and acceptance. It struck something deep inside that I’ve never witnessed at any other community I’ve been at. Some better way of dealing with our heartache, our pain, our traumas, our very human problems. Truth, Trust and Transparency are the core values of Aloha Aina Farm, and after three months living here, they have come to be core values of myself as well.
So come on by and share your truth, trust in your self and in your community and realize you are not alone in your struggles. Also have a whole lot of fun! Because that’s important at all times. You may just end up sticking around longer than anticipated.
Not to worry though, there’s always another ferry.