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Aloha is an experimental training ground for a new generation of peace workers to live in harmony with nature and each other.
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  Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to nature, themselves and each-other 

We live in a culture that is more disconnected than ever before. Here aim to co-create and share a safe, loving and empowering sustainable farming community – a place where we can live in full cooperation and unreserved trust. We teach, create and learn together the basic building blocks of life on this planet: Food, water, earth, and community.   

Mission & Purpose

We are an experimental training ground for a new generation of humans dedicated to peace on this planet.

We are committed to reconnection to nature and our food systems. By using permaculture practices and organic garden practices we are learning to take responsibility for the land and regenerate the soil and ecosystem. 

Shared community practices provide an anchor to reconnect to the universal human. We are teaching and empowering personal responsibility and life skills.


“If all surgeons, all psychoanalysts, and all doctors were to be taken away from whatever they are doing for a while, and would congregate in the amphitheater of Epidauros, where they, calmly and deliberately, would discuss in detail the urgent needs of mankind, then the answer would come very quickly and in one voice it would say: REVOLUTION!

A world revolution, from the top to the bottom in all countries, all classes, at every level of consciousness.”

–Henry Miller in “The Colossus of Maroussi” 

Who We Are

Teachers & Leadership

While Aloha is owned by Greg Clayton, many decisions and the space is co-created by a collection of individual leaders that work with Greg to make decisions that serve the community as a whole. Community Leaders and teachers have generally lived at Aloha for a year and commit annually for another year.










Frequently Asked Questions

How much food do you grow and can I purchase some?

We are sustainable with nearly all our fruits and vegetables which would comprise about 60% of our diet. We sell eggs on our farmstand as they are available and also welcome people to come for lunch to see what we are doing and enjoy our community meal. We do not otherwise sell vegetables for purchase.  

How can I visit Aloha and see and learn more about what you are doing?

Come for Lunch during our spring and summer season! We offer a delicious farm-to-table lunch Monday to Friday and would be happy to offer a short tour and discussion at that time. Book Lunch here.

Are you damaging the water-shed your property resides in?

Harmony with nature and the environment is one of our primary missions and values. We design all our systems to regenerate the land and protect water, our most precious resource and source of life.. We have a certified septic system and record our water use daily. Annually we use 1/10th of the average Canadian household when it comes to water use or about 8 gallons per person per day. 

How do I get to learn or live at Aloha?

We take individuals in different roles and training programs. Please Contact Us to begin the conversation or click the apply now button.

Is Aloha a Polyamorous Community?

There is no requirement or encouragement to follow any relationship or sexual orientation. Our community is a diverse collection of single, monogamous, bi-sexual, celibate, and polyamorous individuals.  

Are there children living at Aloha

Yes, there are always children living at aloha, and supporting parents with child rearing is one of the greatest gifts that community can offer. The number and age of children often varies from year-to-year.