I first discovered Aloha in the summer of 2016. During a one day event my visitor’s eyes contemplated a living painting of verity, inclusivity and creativity. It was short but enough to plant a vigorous seed in me that would, a few years later, germinate and lead me to intertwine my own reality in this community, that I now love to call home.


This term, as well as “family”, often associated with stability and steadiness are yet flowing easily on the lips of the community that is however built around a significant part of ever moving members. This feeling of coming home is not found in the geographic or physical sense of the concept, but in the immense acceptance of one’s true nature that brings people to connect with their inner home. Home is in the heart and Aloha’s ways of life bring this truth, too often forgotten, to life.


At the entrance, you can find these 4 agreements on the wall: don’t take anything personally, be impeccable with your words, always do your best, and don’t make assumptions. Four agreements that represent the essence of the peacefulness that floats around the property. Four agreements that I am deeply happy to venerate and even more contented to embrace collectively.


By encouraging a transparent manner of communicating with one another, by offering a space to be truly seen, by nourishing it’s members with the fruits of the land and by holding spiritual practices, Aloha is a living entity that emanates and thrives on high frequencies that lift people.


Naturally, by essence, life is not always light and what I appreciate the most is that here I feel we accept it all as it is. Grey days are a breeding ground for clarity to grow when they are acknowledged. I am grateful to be part of a community which I cherish the values and to see humans blooming in it is one of my greatest pleasures.